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All blues: Adams Wilson and Son of Cormack review

Adams Wilson and Son of Cormack review

Son of Cormack – I Love It When It Rains in Texas

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Southern Rock / Red Dirt, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Queens Of The Stone Age, The National, Gary Clark Jr

Alternative musicians pride themselves on taking ordinary pieces of music and finding new ways of spinning them. Or, they simply like taking pretty songs, wrecking them, and reassembling them as per their imagination. 

Make no mistake. It’s this effort that has helped keep pop music fresh. Still, after enough time of playing, all musicians return to the sources. Most of the time this means embracing blues, jazz, or folk as springboards for their own creation. 

This lateral way of thinking is as alternative as anything. Son of Cormack uses the blues as his takeoff plan on I Love It When It Rains in Texas. This is gloomy British music made on the skeleton of the Texas blues. Son of Cormack actively seeks out pretty sounds with which listeners must be familiar. It’s an approach that pays of here with the result being a multicolored bluesy number. 

Adams Wilson – Wrench

Genre: Blues, Southern Rock / Red Dirt, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Royal Blood, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Gary Clark Jr., Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age

Everything in the music world changes quickly. Except for the blues. While trends come, go, and replace each other at a tremendous pace, there’s nothing that can shake the influence of the blues. 

Significantly, there is also nothing that can shake new generations’ love for the blues. The majority of the rock bands that have scored hits in recent years have done so by utilizing some aspects related to blues music. 

Adams Wilson is looking to do it all properly. Wrench is a mix of well sung, well played modern blues with hints of pop pleasantness. The style is reminiscent of Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s confident blues/pop-star approach. There’s little reason why Adams Wilson couldn’t enjoy the same spoils of success. 

Son of Cormack - I Love It When It Rains in Texas


Adams Wilson - Wrench




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