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Pop star headhunters: Allen’s Hand and grandma reviewed

Allen's Hand and grandma reviewed

grandma – God Hired You To Be My Baby

Genre: Alternative Rock

The moment that they start making movies about the rocky, troubled 2020s, don’t expect them to use classic rock to soundtrack their production. No, in almost all cases, the sounds used, just like the visuals, are the ones that best define the era. And, as much as those nostalgic about the good ol’ days of rock n’ roll may dislike it, modern styles will put their stamp on this decade. 

There are two ways to think about this, of course. The first is to dig deeper into your The Clash, or Pink Floyd records and deny that there is anything else out there. The second is to try and understand and, if possible, even have some care for modern music. 

grandma’s God Hired You To Be My Baby might be all just an act, but it’s one destined to get a lot of folks, kids especially, to notice. With a song title that brings to mind The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s most audacious claims and a sound lifted in equal measure from alternative-rock, and modern trap-pop, the major record label that backs grandma is looking towards the future. 

Allen’s Hand – Poutsatron

Genre: Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains

There’s a theory that today’s young folks are going to be really terrible folks. There are a few possible reasons given for this. However, one that can indeed be added to the list is their inability to stomach a hard-driving guitar riff. How so? Rock music was practically built on those. And, you can still spot many of today’s grandads banging their heads along with those sounds. 

Perhaps, angry rock music pushed as far as it could before it became ridiculous. Once the power of a truly memorable Jerry Cantrell had died away, most that were left with were bands trying to compensate by dressing up in silly masks or imitating the sounds of stampeding farm animals. 

Some folks honor their traditions and don’t see a reason why those can’t have a place in the future of music. Allen’s Hand Poutsatron is built on the heavy-riffing and carefully crated melodies of grunge’s golden era. It’s scary, angry music, just like the songs you could have heard on the radio only a few years ago. Perhaps, it is true. Rock music didn’t become too hard. Many of its potential listeners became too soft. 

grandma - God Hired You To Be My Baby


Allen's Hand - Poutsatron




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