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Expert indie: Alluri and Beige Banquet release new singles

Alluri and Beige Banquet release new singles

Alluri – Endukala

India is a place brimming with music and ideas of all sorts. It should be of no surprise that, beyond the colourful pop and mysterious folk music, we most associate the country with, we’d also be able to find artists indulging their interests for sophisticated indie-pop. 

Endukala is the single by Alluri. It features the danceable groove and refined production that would not have been out of place on a 1960s single. It also includes some of the bite and playfulness that characterized rock music in the 1990s. 

Alluri wants to be certain he gets on people’s good sides. And, so, he’s commissioned an entertaining video featuring creatures of near-universal appeal, cats. The felines stroll, strut and meow over the sounds of elastic bass lines, choppy guitars, and Alluri’s vocal melodies. It’s a production that strives really hard to put a smile on the audience’s face, and that’s rarely, truly, a bad thing. 

Beige Banquet – Wired/Weird

I recently got the opportunity to interview Bob Forest about his musical influences. He told me that the only reason that Thelonious Monster and the Red Hot Chili Peppers didn’t sound like Joy Division or the Talking Heads was because they weren’t capable then of producing that sound. Kids nowadays are much better musicians. 

Case in point: Beige Banquet who sound like they’ve heard a lot of the two aforementioned bands we previously mentioned and actually put in the work to recreate that sound for the present time. 

The artsy titled Wired/Weird finds the group straddling the line between disjointed sound effects and danceable grooves. It’s tense, it’s cold, and it’s smart, the golden dream of the original post-punk bands. 

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