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Color Tongue – Worry Wart (Review)

Color Tongue - Worry Wart (Review)

Color Tongue makes psychedelic rock of the modern variety. You know, the kind of hallucinations inspired as much by hallucinations of floating in space, as by madness inducing computer screens.

Worry Wart” is a hymn to endless anxiety. While the images described in the song frequently refer back to the feeling of being bricked in, the tune could function just as well as the soundtrack to the presentation of modern city planning.

The 60s inspired melodies slither slowly, the instrumentation creates an atmosphere as thick as reefer smoke out of a VW truck.

There are clear nods to modern psych-rock groups like MGMT, Animal Collective, or even Tame Impala. Beyond the similarities in sound, Color Tongue much like their heroes, are not mere stoners. Besides the dread that sits at the centre of their sound, there’s a genuine ambition, and a desire to assemble these tunes out of minute details. 

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