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Come around dusk: Sabiine and La Palma reviewed

Come around dusk: Sabiine and La Palma reviewed

Sabiine – Laces You Tied

What kind of music best soundtracks an empty house one is just getting ready to move into? That’s the sort of question I ask myself when confronted with the empty feeling, lack of connections and overwhelming task of having to fill those empty rooms. 

Sabiine’s “Laces you Tied” sounds like the kind of music that would make a good choice. It’s music best played around dusk. It’s the kind of sonic accompaniment through a journey not fully yet mapped out. 

Much of these attributes have a lot to do with Sabiine’s witchy-chic vocals. Melodies flow naturally, like age-old incantations, over the electro-folk backdrop, with Sabiine’s self-assured singing always careful to leave just enough distance between herself and the listeners. There’s something secretive about Sabiine’s work. And, by the sound of it, she likes it this way. 

La Palma – Sábado

La Palma’s “Sábado” is the kind of tune that uses really expensive beard oils and shops at the farmers market. Created using dreamy folk-pop as its starting point, La Palma’s members sound like the sort of musicians who’d always find a place at the same coffee house that plays host to Devendra Banhart and his similarly hipster-minded friends on a cold Saturday night. 

Now, then don’t get me wrong. Hipsters get a bad rap in various circles. What I mean to say is that the members of La Palma seem to be more knowledgeable of the finer things in life than slobs like myself. That’s probably the reason why the song mixes Latin rhythms and folk singing so seamlessly. Or, why the lyrics tread on the spiritual territory, with our troubled times getting compared to the Biblical tale of Daniel being thrown into the lions’ den. 

There are plenty of sonic excursions to keep you interested here, as well as lyrical dreamscapes. La Palma are not your run-of-the-mill hipsters, but one who’ve invested time in their craft. Check out the subtle, detailed guitar work if you’re expressing any doubts. 

“Sábado” is a beautiful tune, but one best experienced under circumstances that involve homegrown tea. 

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