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Countless Thousands & Professor Elemental – Space Nazis Must Die! (Review)

Countless Thousands & Professor Elemental - Space Nazis Must Die

There’s a place in rock n’ roll for kids who sought their parents’ attention by holding their breath until they turned blue or doing somersaults on the cold concrete. It’s a world created for the extroverted, attention seekers. What the artists have to say once they receive the attention is a whole other matter though. 

The recent collaboration by Countless Thousands & Professor Elemental begins abrasive enough with distorted guitar riffing and a countdown in German (because… Nazis, I guess). Then the mock-opera hyped up singing begins to spin the tale of fighting evil Hitler-like space lords. It’s all quite entertaining, even if the vocals are constantly fighting for space with the rest of the blitzed-out instrumentation. 

“Space Nazis Must Die!” is a colourful Queen-by-punk track, slightly knuckle-headed, yet fist-pump inducing.
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