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Hard cases: Crossing i’s Dotting t’s and GLOWBIRD release new singles

Crossing i’s Dotting t’s and GLOWBIRD release new singles

Crossing i’s Dotting t’s – Little Things (Goodnight)

I’ve heard a few Crossing i’s Dotting t’s songs, and I can tell you that few are as pissed-off sounding as “Little Things (Goodnight)”. The band behind the imaginative title has never been one to seek the embrace of positive energies, or any of that hippie nonsense. But, on this track, he sounds like he’s found his sound and is holding on to it for dear life. 

Were I not aware of the fact that this is the work of one man, I could swear this was a song written by an emo-punk band without a singer, who have resorted to asking the local tattoo artist, who might have spent some time in jail, to sing on their tune. It makes for a nice, tense pairing. 

If the tune sounds clean and grand, it may be because it was produced by Nick Fainbarg, a man known to have worked with groups like NOFX and Green Day. “Little Things” ends up being the triple-espresso shot, right before the ol’ ticker starts making funny noises. 

GLOWBIRD – Dragonfly (Live)

GLOWBIRD are Californian lads who seem to like making life difficult for themselves. While the sunny weather seems to bring out, mostly, the more positive aspects of their Cali neighbours’ personalities, GLOWBIRD are taking a different route. 

The group sounds like old-fashion music collectors. While their choices of style are relatively straightforward, it’s interesting to see what they come away with from all their wandering. 

On “Dragonfly” they take the more incongruous elements of psychedelic rock, the detachment of post-grunge and the irritability of indie rock. The results do not necessarily make for an easy listening experience, but they are certainly very interesting. You have to hand it to musical artists who attempt to forge their own sound at the possible expense of alienating many of their would-be fanbases. It’s a chapter straight from the Paul Westerberg rulebook. We also approve. 

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