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dad sports – name & place (Review)

dad sports - name & place (Review)

dad sports have a neat, 21st Century vision.

They sound as if the members of a punk rock group had been all-taken against their will and placed through a processor that instantly rendered them dream-pop. Many of the values of punk rock are here. It’s all just extremely pleasant sounding. “name&place” sounds fresh though which is the best an indie-pop single can do. It has some of the same breezy enthusiasm you may have heard on the Drums or the Strokes’ debuts.

If I have any criticism of the song and summer-vibe video is that there seems to be little conflict at the heart of the storytelling. I won’t hide from admitting that I hoped at least one of the characters would not leave the swimming pool scene. With that aside, “name&place” could be one of the bands of your late summer playlists, that will leave you wishing for better times, and summer festivals attended by the likes of dad sports.

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