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Those friendly punks: Dan Bauer and Illicit Nature reviewed

Dan Bauer and Illicit Nature reviewed

Illicit Nature – Classical Goes Neoclassical

A friend of mine recently reminisced about the days when moshing was still part of our lives. He looks back on it like people do about being in the army. There was a mixture of longing and loss. I had to point out that the events stuck in his memory happened only during the first part of this year and will, most probably, return at some point. 

This is how people talk about shows, and that’s the way Illicit Nature feels about them. The cheekily titled Classical Goes Neoclassical is pop-hardcore for those whose only opportunity to slam-dance is in their living room against their wall, or their family pet. 

This is the first track off Illicit Nature’s debut record. Sure, I suspect that next time we see them, the production value will have improved, but be charitable if these spirited punk-kids. Alert, excitable and mean, Illicit Nature are not a group to phone it in. 

Dan Bauer – The Balance

Dan Bauer’s The Balance is a tuneful, happy pop-punk song. Mr Bauer & band sound energized and excited which should be enough to win a crowd over, especially if the drinks are flowing freely while the song is being performed. 

There’s a bittersweet quality to the lyrics that seem to function as an encouragement to live for the moment. The sentiment is best represented by the music video that sees Bauer travelling to the local park on a fine summer’s day and asking local musicians to learn his song and jam along with him.

Thankfully, there aren’t many key changes to the tune, and most of the musicians are able to fly through it, while other park-goers add to the “Oh, oh, oh” choruses.

The Balance is a fine little pop-punk song that feels as comforting as getting your best friend on the phone. 

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