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Pastel make-believe: Daniel Feinberg & Films on Song reviewed

Daniel Feinberg and Films on Song reviewed

Films on Song – Ritual Day

The last 20 years of semi-independent movies that have used indie-rock music have really done a number on a lot of musicians. Whether it’s Garden State or Juno, these well-written movies, added quirky indie numbers in the same way that a chef might add chocolate to their pizza in a bid to serve an ever displeased customer. 

The result is that while retro-rock soundtracked a lot of Tarantino’s early films and thus became a staple of how we envision the 90s, the same can be said about stylish indie-rock and how we see our time. After all, if given the choice and talent, most ambitious young people would rather be working as filmmakers. 

Films on Song sound like the kind of folks that sleep with their tuxedos and sunglasses on. They also sound like the kind of people with flawless music collections, most likely vinyl. Ritual Day, their fantasy of an easy-going hipster paradise, draws inspiration from post-punk, goth and shoegaze, and could perfectly soundtrack your independent debut film release. 

Daniel Feinberg, Fin Nicol-Taylor & Pacing – Pacific in the Rearview

Nobody expects too much of musical comedy skits, just like few might list Tenacious D as one of their biggest musical influences. At least not unless you are colossal high, case in which Kyle and Jack might end up sounding just as great as Led Zeppelin. 

I admit that, like many, I am trained to listen to music with my eyes. That’s the reason why watching the beanie-wearing Fender Squier playing Mr Daniel Feinberg, I could not help but expect a hipster, faux-serious musical number.

But, a good song is a good song, and this one cuts through any apprehension about the artist’s fashion choices. Pacific in the Rearview is a really nifty bubblegum rock tune, complete with exquisite surf rock riffs, confident singing, and nifty electronic flourishes. You can take or leave the bohemian humour at play, but there’s little denying the quality of this little light-indie tune. 

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