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Do the twist: Daylight Disc and My Ugly Clementine reviewed

Daylight Disc and My Ugly Clementine reviewed

Daylight Disc – Wobbling

It must be difficult to explain to someone like myself just how fresh and exciting grunge sounded when the whole wide world finally got wind of it. The classic grunge groups managed to merge loud-soft dynamics like few others, they knew their way around a hard-rocking riff, and, even, added some much-needed humour to their compositions. 

Daylight Disc function by similar principles on their alien-themed album Abductions. Here’s a rock album centred around big riffs and screamed vocals, rather than danceable, fashionable grooves. 

Wobbling is a quick-witted single that has functioned the previously mentioned conditions. Vocals throw outlines with confidence and humour, the rhythm section pummels the tune along, while the grungy guitar riffs sound like they’d much rather hog all the attention. It’s a convincing single from a group with many nice ideas inspired by some worthwhile sources. 

My Ugly Clementine – I’m Boring

There’s a plethora of male-created music about not fitting in, being a loser, or messing up. If anything, much of punk rock is centred around those themes. And, especially in a world where bravado is a costume all performers feel the need to put on, it’s refreshing, albeit a bit samey.

It is strange though that few female voices are expressing themselves in a similar way. Or, as in the case of the brilliantly titled My Ugly Clementine, that the voice doing the singing would be as tender and as lovely.

The Austrian quartet’s single I’m Boring is a beautiful piece of confessional writing set to alt-rock instrumentation reminiscent of the Velvet Underground. And, while it may be cold out in Alaska, the souls of the musicians here are chillier still. A very charming single from a band with a clear vision for their indie-rock sound.
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