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Plastic dreams- Dream-pop new releases – August 2020

BabyJake - Bread & Butter

Inner Oceans – Islands 777

Inner Oceans makes mid-fi headphone landscapes balance genre-bending sonic textures with pop. Here’s our review of his newest single Islands 777.

Inner Oceans doesn’t sound so much as dream music, but rather as the music of falling into other people’s dreams at a frightening pace, without any end in sight.

The man behind this makes tunes that mix modern bedroom pop aesthetics, with actual chart-topping pop, with 90s ambient music. It’s kind of gorgeous, and irritable at the very same time, but one thing not up for debate is Inner Oceans’s talent.

BabyJake – Bread & Butter

Jake Herring, the artist who records as BabyJake makes commercial indie pop music. He made his debut in 2019. Here’s a review of his most recent single.

Many musical artists talk about the importance of telling stories through their songs. But, few do. Seriously, check out the charts. What’s the story with most of the songs on the Top 10 Pop chart now? It’s really a phrase that sounds better then “We make pretty sounds that people dance to“.

BabyJake tells stories. Simple ones. Relatable ones. He does it well, like a writer who has learned what to leave out. They may be disguised as commercial jingles, but there’s substance underneath the facade.

kamupanerura – the theme from balloons

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