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Spiritual cleansing: Ember Mikayla and Spacebreaker reviewed by Alt77

Ember Mikayla and Spacebreaker reviewed by Alt77

Spacebreaker – Autopilot

Genre: Hard Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

It doesn’t take a whole lot to actually be persuasive, although people will pay colossal amounts to learn from gurus how to do that. The secret, as far as I can make out, is that you need to identify the public’s secret desire and then find a way to fulfil it, or, at the very least, issue a promise that you will. 

When it comes to the hordes of music fans that grew up on loud riffs and thundering drums, it’s easy to estimate what they desire most. Party music will always exist as long as people will be in need of both parties and music. But, celebratory tunes featuring big guitar tones screamed vocals, and tremendous confidence is in shorter supply these days. 

Spacebreaker is ready to apply for that position on the single Autopilot, a tune that sounds like Black Sabbath learning to play backyard parties. The riffs are big, the guitar amps are turned up, and the vocals sound like some kind of demented stadium chant. Rock party music is alive and well back in Iceland. 

Ember Mikayla – Action vs. Picture

Genre: Punk, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Gaslight Anthem, The Lawrence Arms

Ok. Is punk-rock still relevant nowadays? Was it ever cutting-edge? One can’t help but see that should one look to acquire the label of “punk-rocker” it is more than expected that they look and behave in a certain matter. One can’t, also, help but notice that many of the world’s famous punks actually did fit into a certain mould, especially style-wise. 

Well, to some, punk-rock remains as freeing as anything the Western world has ever had to offer. It’s a blank slate that accepts just about any kind of information. It’s a musical style that is still willing to receive your talents no matter how much development they may still require. And, it helps draw people that can recognize truth from opportunistic lies. 

An artist fully embracing all the freedoms that punk-rock has to offer is Ember Mikayla.

Action vs. Picture finds the songwriter attempting to fully open up and take on life’s biggest issues. The lyrics speak of perception and reality. Fittingly, the song presents an honest, fateful to reality vision of the world. 

Find Ember Mikayla on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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