The Erkonauts – War Flamingoes

The Erkonauts - War Flamingoes

The Erkonauts are simply a great idea! Yes, they’re a band, but they’re a great idea first. Let me explain briefly.

During the 90s, the radio-funky singles of the Red Hot Chili Peppers gave way to things of a more psychotic nature. There was the delirious delusion of Primus, shielded by plenty of slap bass. There were the funk-metal aggressions of Infectious Grooves, containing plenty of bass. And, of course, there was the funk-opera of Faith No more, where bass played an important role.

The Erkonauts are those bands, complete with System of a Down’s righteous political directives.

War Flamingoes is the result of someone that looks at the musical landscape and asks “Why so boring?”, followed by the inevitable question “Why so little slap bass?“.

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