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A master’s voice: Exodus to Infinity and Alex Kahn reviewed

Exodus to Infinity and Alex Kahn reviewed

Alex Kahn – It’s Been Cloudy Since I Moved to LA

Life is elsewhere as Milan Kundera put it. Since the dawn of recorded music, an industry starved for profit has forced many a young man or woman to move to wherever it was holding court. The ultimate goal is, of course, everlasting immortality in the medium of music. But, for as long as art has been traded for money, masterpieces have first had to be approved by those in charge. 

Alex Kahn seems to have been dealing with similar issues since moving to one of those cities of opportunity, the fabled Los Angeles. To hear that even a man of his talents would be struggling with the blues while in such a sun-drenched place should raise the spirits of many others less talented. 

It’s Been Cloudy Since I Moved to LA does prove that if Mr Kahn was hoping to get by on his melodies and songwriting alone, then… he was right to dip his toes in these deep waters. Kahn is a classic songwriter that approaches songs with the confidence of a man that can turn simple tales into pop music that has the potential to move people. Will this help move some records as well? It damn well should. 

Exodus to Infinity – King Other

Frank Zappa and Ween fans quickly look away and cover your ears! We do not encourage childish comparisons between music artists on Alt77. Still, let the record show that that Exodus to Infinity in all its complex, zany glory is the work of one man hidden out in his bedroom, stealing pottery and metal objects later to be used as percussion instruments. Mr Zappa, on the other hand, moustached genius as he is, employed the best rock, doo-wop musicians and whole orchestras to reproduce his recordings. 

King Other, while sounding like the work of a deranged composer, is anti-psychedelic music. By that, I mean that I am convinced that no psychedelic refreshments have come into contact with the musician during the writing and recording of this. It takes craziness to think this up, yet, but also a great deal of discipline and self-worth to pull it off. If anything, this is an advert for coffee and health food. 

The song opens with an introduction that sounds like the score to some Serbian 80s cartoon. The vocal acrobatics then tread through bluegrass and jazz arrangements played with maniacal glee. There’s even a bit of rock thrown in for those with long hair needs. 

Exodus to Infinity is music made by a Music School student moonlighting as a comedian. Great stuff!

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