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Put some darkness on it: False Dilemma and Sam Himself reviewed

False Dilemma and Sam Himself

Sam Himself – Nothing Like The Night

I, and others like myself, spent years perfecting complicated guitar solos, learning scales with a metronome and looking to acquire the knowledge to pull off complicated guitar tricks. Boy, do you feel silly when you realize that the goal of music was never to show off, but to connect with an audience using any means necessary. 

Learning simple grooves are the first things one gets accustomed to when learning to play an instrument. Yet, mastering the art of a killer groove is something for which record labels are willing to pay an artist’s weight in gold. 

It’s a magic trick that few can pull off. Sam Himself’s Nothing Like The Night relentlessly looped groove, complete with a simple, yet brilliant scratchy muted riff, is just that kind of killer rhythm track. This sounds like an indie-pop tune that borrows from 80s dance music, but everything it attempts it does very well. Them Swiss are really building something mighty interesting in secret over there. 

False Dilemma – In Madness

I am genuinely scared and in doubt about some of the rock spectacles we’ve collectively endorsed ever since rock music’s birth. Sure. It’s provided plenty of thrills and, even, occasionally, bestowed riches and fame on the ones creating the music. 

Yet, many of the angriest tunes, most heartfelt tunes, were made by people truly living on the edge. A lot of these people have fallen off that edge, and one can’t help but feel a tinge of responsibility after witnessing the entire arc of their rise and fall. 

We are much better off with angry rock as a flavour. Modern rock music does this especially well, helping forge sounds that feel apt to soundtrack a sports event or a giant Hollywood blockbuster. This is something that False Dilemma’s In Madness does particularly well. The dynamics, the pacing, the hard-rocking riffs and the lyrics create a potent rocking background for the moments when you simply need a jolt of energy. 

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