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Lost highways: For Them All and The Max Headroom reviewed

For Them All and The Max Headroom reviewed

The Max Headroom – Brotherman

Brotherman, with its melodic, grunge sensibilities and lyrics about the world falling down around those proudest, came as a surprise to me. My shock originates, predominantly, from the fact that a band called The Max Headroom would opt for such Layne Staleyeque sensibilities. Max Headroom, of course, is an early computer-generated character, later turned into a beloved villain by scoundrels taking over the airwaves in a local Chicago television station.

The song itself does honestly remind me of Alice in Chains’ Jar of flies EP. This song, like the iconic grunge release, spoke about watching a loved one walk a lonely, dark corridor of addiction and poor choices. 

The standout sound on Brotherman is the singer’s voice that produces a tone that could be best described as Chris Robinson singing the grunge classics. Big solos, gently picked guitars and stop/start dynamics add to the drama of the composition. It’s an arena-size rock in a moment where the world is much smaller and uncertain. 

For Them All – Lucy I’m Lost

The rock music press is partly to blame for glorifying talented, charismatic losers. Yes, the public also seems to embrace them. But, overall this is largely, one would think, because it’s easier for ordinary people to relate to those who, just like them, make mistakes, are lazy or screw up a great thing. 

Not nearly enough, in rock especially, is made of the people that toil, labour, and create honest, emotional music. Truthfulness is not exactly seen as cool. Keith Richards would rarely stray down those pathways. 

For Them All, however, is a band passionate about creating confessional rock music. Lucy I’m Lost is a loud, thunderous cry. The band try their hardest and never once seem to want to play the showbiz game of acting like they’re not. The vocals are over the top and memorable, like a punk band converting to emo. The guitar sounds mimic the singing. The band members rarely look into the camera in their self-made mini-documentary about recording the track. For Them All is a band that takes their music seriously. The world needs a few of those knocking about.

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