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Spoilsport: Foxx Bodies and Owen Hamlin reviewed by Alt77

Foxx Bodies and Owen Hamlin reviewed by Alt77

Owen Hamlin – Old Things

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Listen, rock music has a rich tradition of impersonation. The likes of Alice Cooper or David Bowie are credited with bringing theatre to pop music, but they were far from the first ones to play a role. In fact, as I am writing this, the most dangerous black metal artists in the world are likely walking their dogs, and rubbing their bellies. As well they should. 

The impersonation has been going on long enough, and some voices of dissent have grown louder over the years, that presenting one’s true self is bound to strike a marketing team as a truly revolutionary idea. Hey, if you don’t eat fruit for a few years, you may even get impressed by a grapefruit. Blah!

Owen Hamlin has taken the rather novel approach of being himself and letting his words, his ticks and quirks dominate the usual tricks with which we are hit by publicists. It also helps that Hamlin sounds clever, and energized by his own wordplay on Old Things. Hamlin sounds and looks like the guy that a sitcom is written about. The way things are going in the ol’ entertainment world, he might not end up getting the part. 

Foxx Bodies – Bad Kid

Genre: Punk, Pop Punk

Similar artists: Bikini Kill, Hole, Pom Pom Squad, Magic Pussy

The majority of my heroes are musicians. And, after having read through numerous rock biographies, I can honestly and whole-heartedly assume that the old saying about never meeting your heroes for fear of being disappointed has to be true. 

Finding artists whose work not only speaks to you on an abstract level but who actually seem like the kind of people you might not be afraid to meet is a rarity. Most of these folks aren’t exactly great with other members of society and it is precisely for this reason that they’ve decided to spend the better of their lives on their own, honing their craft and finding a good excuse to avoid responsibilities. 

Despite the title of their single, Bad Kid, Foxx Bodies do not emanate Keith Richard levels of cool. They do, however, seem much friendlier and approachable than Ol’ Keith. They seem like the kind of people who have spent their youth under the sole supervision of television reruns and punk-rock records. They’re not cool. Much better. They seem just like you and me. How would you manufacture that?

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