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Gentle crashes: Gal Musette and Nainnoh reviewed

Gentle crashes: Gal Musette and Nainnoh reviewed

Gal Musette – Lucid

There’s been plenty of music released in recent times that sounded as if it was created to soundtrack a modern cartoon movie. Those songs, like the big-budget animation they could enhance, are usually, colorful, large, silly and a bit artificial. They also move fast, knowing not to bore audiences and get to the chorus in as little time as possible. (I am certainly not including Randy Newman on this blacklist. You, sir, are a genius!)

But, what about the great Disney movies of old. The ones drawn so realistically, you’d think you stepped into an alter-reality. The ones are so naturally colorful that hippies would want to cut them up and transform them into garments. 

Lucid” by Gal Musette is the rare kind of song that could soundtrack such a movie. Not only does it possess a clear, gentle naivety. It also features countless ideas and melodies that unfold slowly like a polite dinner party that ends up running well into the night. Melodies are tossed away with ease on Ms. Musette’s confident single. 

Nainnoh – Run

Now, modern rock music might be geeking-out on its retro roots. But, those influences hardly extend past the hippiedom of the 1960s. Nainnoh is, similarly, a nostalgia-fetishist, but the inspiration she draws from extends way past that fabled decade. The artist withdraws a bit of magic from the folk music of her native Georgia. 

Attempts to marry world-music to modern pop songwriting are a hit and miss at best. Most often, they are simply a spectacle that leaves little traces once the sound dies down. It’s not the case here as Nainnoh channels genuinely idealist visions from the ancient instrument known as the Salamuri. 

Taking old music as a starting point is not new. On first listen, “Run” sounds suspiciously much like something Richard Thompson’s Fairport Convention might have come up with during the 1960s while taking a generous cue from traditional British music. The lyrical themes, though on “Run,” are as modern as it gets, with the toxicity of all sorts being a much prevailing issue in 2020 than it was back when. Nainnoh is serious music for seriously burdensome times. 

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