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Make e’m the way they used to: Glossy Clouds and oh, hooray reviewed

Glossy Clouds and oh, hooray reviewed

oh, hooray – something about closure

Genre: Indie Folk, Country, Americana

Similar artists: Bright Eyes, Jeff Rosenstock, Wilco, Slaughter Beach

One man’s terrorist is another man’s revolutionary to quote a modern cliche. In the same way, one’s fan’s tribute is another one’s shameless copycat attempt. Where does one draw the line? What does one do to keep imitation remain flattering? 

There’s no standard that we can apply here. I reckon that it’s all in the intention. And, let’s be honest, it also involves arbitrary markers such as the amount of money that the project stands to make, and how charming the people making the money happen to be. Nobody thinks Noel Gallagher actually “wrote wrote” most of his songs. But, nobody’s pelting his yacht with rotten eggs like other men who’ve come onto great fortunes. 

With that being said, you’ll be happy to know that oh, hooray’s written the record that Bright Eyes never got around or managed to create. This is not a knock on Conor Oberst. And it’s not even a way to say that you should get ready to embrace a new teenage prophet with an acoustic guitar. It’s just a way of saying that you are very likely to enjoy oh, hooray’s something about closure like something that you never knew you missed in your life. 

Glossy Clouds – Bargain Hunter

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Novelty is sometimes overrated. Do you like your morning coffee? Do you generally drink in the same way? It probably always tastes just as good to you, and so you continue to have it. 

Garage-rock functions much in the same way. There’s nobody asking for grand statements or wild innovation to this genre. They don’t because it’s, probably, the best sound that a band can produce. That’s at least when they know what they’re doing. 

Glossy Clouds have a good idea of what they’re doing on Bargain Hunter. This is not a song that one needs to decipher, but one that needs to be felt like the first hit of caffeine of the day. Glossy Clouds make rock n’ roll. They’re not messing around it either. 

oh, hooray - something about closure


Glossy Clouds - Bargain Hunter




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