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Good Charlotte Release Anniversary, December Themed Single

Good Charlotte

Pop-punk group, Good Charlotte, have just released a new single titled Last December. It coincides with the 20th anniversary of the group’s debut and acts as a present for the group’s loyal fanbase.

Guitarist/vocalist Benji Madden talked about the single saying that they wanted to share the tune with the ones that have been closest to them across their journey as a band.

The single reflects the feelings of loss that many people typically experience during the month of December. Good Charlotte, Madden says, aimed to write a single that reflects these common worries and troubles and hopes to bring listeners some peace of mind.

Good Charlotte released their self-titled debut album in 2000. While it was a modest commercial hit, their next album The young and the hopeless cemented their fame and made them one of the most succesful pop-punk groups of their time. The band continues to be active until the present day and released their last album, Generation Rx, back in 2018.

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