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That ancient fire: HAWKER and Brother thunder reviewed

HAWKER and Brother thunder reviewed

Brother Thunder – Into the Fire

Genre: Retro Soul, Indie Rock

Punk-rock levelled the playing field and, at least in theory, made modern pop music the most democratic modern art form. It did so through skill, as well gentle manipulation. The punk-rockers presented themselves as revolutionaries with ideas threatening to tear the fabric of society apart. 

Playing well, writing in a variety of styles, or discovering a unique style of singing were, in many cases, mere afterthoughts. This strategy did great things in the sense that it cleared the way of some of the bloated, unimpressive prog-rock deadwood still hanging about. It did, however, also harm the chances of truly great musicians. 

If you’re looking for folks who play well, sing well, and drop plenty of their hearts into the composition, you may want to consider turning your attention towards the soul stylings of Brother Thunder. With a voice that recalls 60s blue-eyed soul at its peak and songwriting meant to chronicle a blue heart in its most minute details, this should please those on the search for serious musicians

Find Brother Thunder on Instagram and their official website.

Alt77’s Rating for Brother Thunder – Into the Fire: B

HAWKER – Bot Noxious

Genre: Post-grunge, Hard Rock, Grunge

Picture the scene. A very famous action-movie actor is getting ready to film a scene that will be used for his new film production’s glorious pinnacle. He jumps cars, sets himself on fire, proceeds to kill a dozen bad guys with his bare hands, and ends by kissing his love interest passionately. 

The scene ends. The actor is immediately escorted by a group of minders to his luxurious trailer where expensive coffee, gourmet snacks, and a Swedish massage are waiting. The actor talks to the agent on the phone while expressing his desire to arrange that he moves into a bigger trailer as soon as possible. 

In a way that’s what rock has become. We need some bands to make things thrilling and uncomfortable for us. Australia’s Hawker may just be the band we’ve expected. Bot Noxious sounds loose, out of control, and ready to be played as people slam-dance into each other. Maybe they could be our James Bond. 

Alt77’s Rating for HAWKER – Bot Noxious: B+

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