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Hooks and crooks: Analog Dog and The Gaffes reviewed

Hooks and crooks: Analog Dog and The Gaffes reviewed

Analog Dog – Be in a Band

Be in a band, drive around“, the singer of Analog Dog sings nearly containing a chuckle. Well, such irony might be taken at face value by some poor, ignorant souls. Let me set you straight! This song does little to convey some of the more terrifying, annoying, or boring aspects of playing in a band. You have been warned!

Instead, “Be in a band” manages to sound like Frank Zappa producing the Monkees. Cheerful melodies clatter over the rather complex guitar instrumentation, as Analog Dog play out their single like a bunch of prog rocker impersonating a bubblegum group. 

Be in a Band” is noteworthy for its tone of idiotic optimism set over layered, carefully-crafted music. Analog Dog sound totally perverse in this sense and should be worth checking out. 

The Gaffes – Morning Call

As a highly respected alternative rock website and, an all-around beacon of hope, for the rock community, we receive numerous musical submissions. Some are experimental, avant-garde excursions. But, the majority sound like The Strokes, Oasis, or Nirvana. 

Strangely enough, whenever the Gallagher brothers are summoned in song, it’s their arena-rock tunes that serve as inspiration. See there’s this myth that someone is eventually going to fill the shoes. From Kaiser Chiefs to Kasabian, many have tried. 

The Gaffes instead operate in a much more satisfying way, echoing the melodic, Summer of Love psychedelic-rock that Oasis was also known to deliver. “Morning Call” is complete with Beatlesque melodies, Gargantuan choruses a la “All around the world”, and a terrific, simple guitar tone. 

Call me a simpleton, but, yes, please. Play more of that!

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