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The spoils of modern radio: ICHIWAWA and Fine And Great reviewed

ICHIWAWA and Fine And Great reviewed

Fine And Great – Ghetto Chicken

I love complaining. In fact, I will admit right now that complaining is one of my favourite things to do and something of which I, positively, will never get tired. Sometimes I protest for genuine reasons and try to educate and inspire others. Other times, I do it simply because it represents a cheap pressure valve that I can use to deal with the world. Having so much to complain about on a daily basis though, leaves you forgetful of things for which one should genuinely be thankful. 

During the early stages of the Byzantine civilization, for example, heaven was depicted as a place where one could hunt and fish freely, where booze flowed and food was in an endless supply. The world is still an awful and cold place for numerous people. Still, it is worth pointing out that by the definition previously stated, many people in the world live in a version of heaven. 

I happen to think that one thing that can be added to the list of things that make life incredibly comfortable, even rewarding, is the possibility to create art freely. German group Fine And Great’s exuberant single Ghetto Chicken sounds like the kind of song made upon the realization that this sort of freedom is, indeed, something truly special. It fizzles with life, energy, and humour. It’s the pop-punk that many thought to make happen. 

ICHIWAWA – It started with the lights out

Some people train themselves to undergo terrible physical hardships. These usually involve lack of sleep, lack of food, and a terrific amount of strain. I respect these people. I too attempt things like things. 

For example, I use similar strategies when it comes to music. Sometimes, I will force-feed myself to listen to dissonant, unpleasant forms of modern music for days on end. Even more dramatically, I will try not to listen to anything else. It’s the sonic equivalent to eating only spinach. Furthermore, it has yet to yield any powerful revelations. 

When I return to my regular routine I look desperately for songs like ICHIWAWA’s It started with the lights out as if I were a child whose parents had denied him sugar until for the first 12 years of his/her life. Pleasant, well-orchestrated and sounding boss on car speakers, this is the 3-minute-single that can always prove a thrill. 

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