Iggy Pop and Peaches collaboration

iggy pop

Iggy Pop has always provided his best work collaborating with other artists of the same ilk. He of course worked with David Bowie on two of his most famous albums and has recently got Josh Homme involved in producing and backing him up on the recent Post Pop Depression. Apart from that he had one of the best backing bands in rock with the Stooges.

Peaches is a Canadian singer whose songs sound like to mix of electronic dance music and punk rock. She is known for her lyrics which usually include sexual imagery, presented clearly and rarely simply alluded to. Some of the titles of her albums include: Fatherfucker, Rub, Impeach my bush and I feel Cream.


A collaboration between one of the originators of sleazy rock and music one of the newer artists swimming in these murky waters could have gone in two ways. It could have sounded distorted, confusing and dissonant. It could have made for an odd and great pairing. Thankfully their song Kick It did both.

The song was the third single of the Peaches album Fatherfucker and showed the singer could handle her own with the godfather of pun”. The two take turns singing to each other while referencing each others works. Peaches makes references to Stooges favorites like I wanna be your dog, Search and destroy and Iggy’s own Sixteen. Iggy also makes references about his past tendency towards self abuse performed on stage and his time spent in Berlin.

Here’s a live version of the song with Iggy dancing on a large screen, next to Peaches.

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