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Indie pop stars – new releases – August 2020

Jenny Kern - Now We Know

The Gooms – God’s Target

The Gooms are a Los Angeles-based indie rock quartet that seems heavily inspired by 90s alternative rock. Here’s a review of their single God’s Target.

Secretly, one of the reasons I’ve always loved alternative rock, especially the 1990s crop of bands, was their desire to parade their imaturity as enlightenment. I just always thought that was funny.

The Gooms are similarly lightweight and I think they’re funny. I really hope they know it though! They have good hooks, seem to take the whole rock-band thing pretty leisurely, and I’d like to see slacker movies make a comeback just so that they could soundtrack a few of those.

Joseph Boudreau – Yesterday’s Today

Joseph Boudreau is a Canadian songwriter that makes indie pop inspired by Brit Pop great like Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller. Here’s our review of his newest single.

On paper, Joseph Boudreau has all the right influences to make exceptional Brit-pop, even as far apart from Brit Isles as Canada.

Boudreau has clearly processed a lot of music on his journey here. But, what he likes and allows to inform his music, he says, is Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller, not Oasis and the Jam. There’s an interesting distinction here that seems to signify Boudreau is targeting mature audiences that may have seen Oasis’ rise to the top.

The result is a breezy, mellow affair, that sounds enjoyable and unpacks itself tidily into a chorus. But, like Liam Gallagher doing Wonderwall in 2020, it’s fine, but we’d prefer a bit more bite.

Jenny Kern – Now We Know

Jenny Kern, the Canadian-born, New York-based singer-songwriter makes gentle indie folk music. Here’s our review of her single “Now we know”.

The shimmering repetitive mantra of the intro of Now we know acts as a blurb for Jenny Kern’s newest single. The surf -rock guitar, radio-friendly bass-line, and Kern’s own unintrusive vocals make this a very nice find for your evening by the beach playlist selection. Here’s a tune that is almost touching.

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