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Around the sun: JonoJono and The Deltaz reviewed

JonoJono and The Deltaz reviewed

The Deltaz – Turn It Back

Americana, Classic Rock, Garage Rock

Old folks than to school youngsters on the fact that there’s nothing really new under the Sun. Someone else has dreamed it, heard it, or said it before you. This can be a traumatic realization for those hoping to invent a completely new manner of expression. But, it’s also an uplifting thought. 

It takes some of the pressure off. If every new hit being written is a reassembly of a past one then it truly means that one can only see farther by sitting on the shoulders of giants. Bands like The Black Keys may not be the only ones stubbornly digging into the past, but their blues-rock direction sounds cool, fresh, and as a consequence has been embraced wildly, especially by the advertisement world. 

The Deltaz’s take a similar approach on Turn It Back. They’re not just playing delta-blues riffs. They are disguising their sound in layers of cool, modern detachment. This is all a reminder that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you just have to be among the few that can make it spin. 

JonoJono – Crazy Love

Genre: Pop Punk, Post-grunge, Alternative Rock

Rock music is made for rebels by rebels. Gee, that sounds like an advertisement for jeans. It sounds nice though. And, while rock has certainly seen its share of experimentation, essentially, just like most other forms of modern art, it too functions under very strict rules. 

Rock is a genre piece, just like horror movies or westerns. Sure, the character can turn out to be a princess at the end, but you better have some vampires and folks shooting each other if you expect to get butts in the sits. 

Ask someone not entirely familiar with rock music to describe the genre and they will, most likely, focus on the screamed vocals and the loud guitars. Yes, that’s a good place to start. By that token, JonoJono’s grunge behemoth Crazy Love would work great in describing the music to aliens, anyone who doesn’t own a Nirvana record, or folks in Eastern Europe who’ve not had the opportunity to hear much besides their folk music. 

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