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LLusion – Sad4good (feat. Cautious Clay & HXNS) *Review*

LLusion - Sad4good (feat. Cautious Clay & HXNS) *Review*

Welcome to the modern pop world, where charts and sales are a thing of the past, and a pop-goddess gets cut out of the picture the minute she turns her back.

LLusion is one of the figures traversing these deep waters and profiting from the current climate. Before you castigate LLusion as just another viral sensation, take a listen to the single Sad4good. It’s unlikely it will change your life or get you to run to your nearest music store to check out gear. But, if you’re either interested in music production, or in what the latest Pop Wars are producing it may spark your interest.

Assembled like a Lego fortress, this is a modern dream-funk tune that recreates what an army of writers and producers look to do for the big league pop stars on each of their singles, namely, create gigantic sugar-pop devoid of fat.

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