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Sweet sound that you remember: Lo Jettra and Alternative Radio song reviews

Lo Jettra and Alternative Radio song reviews

Alternative Radio – Television Addict (The Victims  Cover)

Genre: Punk, Classic Rock, Garage Rock

You hear so many people complaining about acts that are trying to imitate bands of the 1970s and perform as if they were cosplaying their favourite rock stars. Sure, we’ve done a fair of complaining ourselves. We all know that classic rock revival really is made to appeal to the wallets of an older generation. 

But, classic rock isn’t the only style that had its supporters and that is missed by those that loved it. Really, you don’t grow out of your favourite style of music. The moment that the focus of the world shifts back to your preferred choice of music is, only naturally, the moment in which you will decide to offer your endorsement. 

A lot of people, ourselves included, really liked classic 1970s punk-rock. There is a built fan base for this style of music, granted smaller than for other styles. Alternative Radio, a Milwaukee art-punk group, may just be the ones to offer them what they need with their feisty cover of The Victims’ Television Addict. It’s big on the power chords, on the gang vocals, and on the energy. 

Lo Jettra – Flattened Out

Genre: Punk, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

I suspect that we all roll our eyes at stories about how people choose to have fun. As understanding as I am, I have to admit that I do as well. Some things simply seem silly, hard to understand, or even dangerous with no great payoff.

With that being said, I admit that I have and always will love quirky music powered by the kind of beat and sort of guitar playing that feel like they’re about to toss you over the shoulder and then across the room. I like the mosh pit, and being pushed around the room, along to the rhythm feels like the greatest compliment one can give a good song. 

Lo Jettra’s Flattened Out feels like it was recorded on tape, on someone’s boom box, and yet, still rocks like a giant sledgehammer tearing up the road. Frankly, it sounds like the kind of music you might never get to hear on a major release because no major label might want to deal with someone like Lo. We do and we appreciate this. 

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