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Eternal pop-punk: Lonely Avenue and ion3y3s reviewed by Alt77

Lonely Avenue and ion3y3s reviewed by Alt77

ion3y3s – Linoleum

Genre: Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, Indietronica, Indie Electronic

There are a few trends that I dislike in particular when it comes to modern music. One of them is using nostalgia as a tool to sell records. Music should be a vital tool that one uses throughout one’s life, not a method to glance back morosely at the past. 

The second is the trend to reinterpret famous songs in a manner that seems to contradict the very essence of the tune. We’ve all heard the attempts of important soundtracks to integrate slow, mysterious cover versions of famous upbeat tunes. Once you’ve heard one of these, you’ve heard them all. 

Yet, once in a while, the honesty of a band covering an old classic in a quirky way can’t help but make you a believer. ion3y3s’ Linoleum is charming. No, they’re not the first to cover NOFX’s breakout single. However, the slow, poppy version presented here does a good job of reminding us that even pop-punk groups have their songwriting greats and that, worry not, this kind of music is bound to survive and live on. 

Find ion3y3s on Instagram.

Lonely Avenue – Defeated

Genre: Pop Punk

Similar artists: Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Neck Deep

There were some people, especially those aligning themselves with hardcore religious causes, that used to see popular music as a potentially violent, certainly mind-altering thing. Let’s not fool ourselves. They were right!

Everyone uses different music. What you like and what you cannot stand helps define your personality. However, at the end of the day, we all use music in the same way. We use it as a way to hypnotize ourselves in a bid to keep moving towards our goals. It’s a special brew that can be used differently based on what we are looking to achieve. 

Now, Lonely Avenue uses their brand of pop-punk to inch themselves towards their own objective, rising above hardship and negativity and finding the life that they truly want to need. The hypnosis that they’re ready to share with others involves big hooks, great gang vocals, and plenty of spirit. 

Find Lonely Avenue on Instagram and TikTok.

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