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Guitar sweat: Matt Charley and HAWKER review

Matt Charley and HAWKER review

HAWKER – Balboas

Genre: Post-grunge, Hard Rock, Grunge

Similar artists: Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, The Bronx, Refused

Grunge is hard-rock music for people who want a bit more for themselves and for the world. I say this with affection. But, I also mention this because the more time goes on, the more grunge seems to resemble classic rock’s pleasing dynamics.

The fact is that it’s nearly impossible to make this kind of alternative rock without some dedication. The original Seattle bands may have made it look easy. There’s was a punk ethos that extended to supporting various social issues. But, these bands were also comprised of very good musicians. Their sound was rarely achieved by coincidence. That’s especially true for the quality of the vocals for most of those groups. 

HAWKER take those principles to heart. Hard-rocking riffs meet belting, distorted vocals. If the goal of most punk bands is to play loud and fast, HAWKER’s goal is to play their music with a terrific degree of technical ability. There’s no denying this singing, or the fact that many people are still searching for this sort of sound. Enough time has passed. Let’s call it for what it is. Grunge has become a classic, and it’s being treated like it. 

Matt Charley – Howlin’

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: The Black Keys

Well, this thing we call “pop music” is getting on in years now, isn’t it? Should we expect any great revolution? Are there new trends bound to come along that will rival the classics? Most likely, yes, but not on a grand, global scale. 

What’s wrong with the old sounds anyway? Do people feel any different from when the great songs of the past were written? The world still has the blues. Guitars still soothe the spirit. And, even love songs can’t change all that much. Let’s face it. Pop music created a nearly optimal format to voice those feelings. Why change them now? 

With that in mind, Matt Charley plays the blues on Howlin’ as if looking to take over the charts. The musician takes a cue from The Black Keys and their successful strategy of arming blues riffs and sending them out to conquer the airwaves. There’s tenderness in Matt Charley’s playing and an interest in reaching as large of an audience as possible. Why not? The blues ain’t gonna change. 

HAWKER - Balboas


Matt Charley - Howlin'




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