Oasis were once in the charts with a bootleg of an argument

Kray Twins

During the early to mid 1990’s Oasis held a firm grip on public attention and the charts in Britain and throughout the world. Their first two albums, “Definitely Maybe” and “What’s the story (morning glory)” were two of the most important Brit pop albums and signaled a new, unexpected rise of British guitar music.

Brit-pop promised to deliver the three chord guitar songs that made Grunge such a force, with the songwriting sensibilities of ’60’s British bands like the Kinks, the Who and, of course the Beatles. Oasis never shied away from singing their own praises. On more than one occasion Noel and Liam Gallagher (the brothers in Oasis and throughout the only constant members of the group)declared themselves the most important band on the planet and heirs to the throne of the Beatles.

Noel Gallagher’s songwriting record to that point was almost flawless, so despite the bravado there were certainly some songs to back up the claims and their arrogance. The public, especially in Britain was enamored with the group, with practically every one of their singles reaching the higher parts of the charts.

It was a new age for “indie” music in Britain. The promise of the Stones Roses and the Smiths, in terms of popularity had become, albeit for a short period, a reality. So popular was Oasis in fact, that in 1995 a bootleg of Noel and Liam arguing went into the charts at number 52.

Much had been made about the temper of the two Gallagher brothers especially when around one another. The interview had been taken by a reporter of NME and it helped to prove that little of their disagreements (which sometimes were visible even on stage) were down to a shrewd marketing ploy.

The bootleg is called “Wibbling rivalry” and is cut into two tracks, Noel’s track and Liam’s track. They both feature heavy use of profanities and a series of accusations from one another bordering between violent and humorous. The cover photo for it features an image of the notorious London gangsters, the Kray twins.

Oasis would go on to make music together until 2009, when a backstage fight between Noel and Liam, left the former deciding he was going to leave the group. This effectively was the end of the band, with Noel Gallagher embarking on a solo career, while the rest of the members formed the short lived group Beady Eye. In many ways, for all the great songs and terrific heights they achieved, the brotherly fights between the Gallaghers are destined to also mark part of their legacy.

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