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Too wise to be green: OGMH and Eighty Eagle reviewed by Alt77

OGMH and Eighty Eagle reviewed by Alt77

Eighty Eagle – Take Me To The Water

Genre: Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock

Pick-up artists, charlatans, snake oil salesmen are all able to manoeuvre through the world because of a simple reason. They provide people with what they’re expecting to hear. The reason why that particular information is not given to them by people with higher moral standards is, most likely, it’s information that sounds too good to be true and it is. 

This is what modern bands fishing for a hit try to do. In a world where info gets shortened all the time, and where there’s great inflation of music, bands look to provide audiences with what they want to hear. It’s an art in itself, and the ones that master it are able to have hits. 

Frankly, I want to be lied to in that way. I want to be to believe that a 3-minute song is going to last forever and I need a group like Eighty Eagle to make that happen. Take Me To The Water is a post-grunge single that moves with the confidence of all the slick blues-pop that has slipped through the cracks and found its way onto modern radio in recent times. 

OGMH – You Are

Genre: Post-Punk, Gothic / Dark Wave, Indie Rock

I am not a fan of bands and artists that don’t practice what they preach through their work. You must have heard the interviews where a goth or death metal gets asked about being moody, and they shrug off the question. “No, we are actually pretty happy people most of the time“. 

Is that really what your audience wants to hear? Certainly not judging by the reaction to your music. I am not suggesting that these people should indulge themselves in the wost of what life has to offer for the benefit of their work, or that they should live like monks in the pursuit of true depth. They should at least have the decency to lie. 

Swiss group OGMH know which way the wind is blowing. They describe themselves as a nihilist collective and their Joy Division/The Cure-inspired music reflects this. They dress in black and their song You Are sounds like it was made by people who take their black candles down to the recording studio. Hell, they might love ice cream and puppies, but let me entertain my fantasy that these four guys actually sleep upside down, in a castle down in Transylvania… Switzerland. 

Find OGMH on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Bandcamp.

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