Lake of fire: How Nirvana decided to pay tribute to the Meat Puppets during their MTV Unplugged performance

In the 1990s the Unplugged series was a flagship show for MTV. Perhaps, not other performance featured on the show had quite the same impact as the one from alternative rock band Nirvana. It would turn out to be one of the group’s last concerts, and in many ways one of their best. But, why did Kurt Cobain and the group decide to use the momentous occasion to showcase rarities, old folk tunes, and, especially, a handful of Meat Puppets covers? [...]

The 5 greatest bands that graduated from 924 Gillman Street

The Alternative Music Foundation with its location at 924 Gilman Street, in California, became a veritable Arcadia of 90s punk rock. The club’s mission was twofold. On the one hand, Gilman offered the chance for new bands to play their original music in front of an audience eager to hear punk rock. Just as important, the bands and audience adhered to a strict code that discouraged violence and the use of narcotics. [...]