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Soaking up some sun: Paul Cook & The Chronicles and Cooney Thatcher singles reviewed

Paul Cook & The Chronicles and Cooney Thatcher singles reviewed

Cooney Thatcher – Lost & Found

If you haven’t noticed, the studies will spell it out for you. The attention span of people, young kids, especially, is getting smaller and smaller. Well, things evolve or devolve as they do. But, the reduced focus naturally affects some art forms more than others. 

When it comes to music, this should do very little to the big pop singles that depend on instant hooks to draw in a listener. We love those! But, what about the brilliant type of music that requires a bit of getting used to or the long-form works. 

Stop and opt to really soak things up, or you might miss on some gems like Cooney Thatcher’s Lost & Found. This is a modern sound that echoes the composure of the 60s prog and tranquillity of folk. It is music to get lost in or to soundtrack your travels. Much like meditation, you won’t know how good it feels until you decide on endorsing it. 

Paul Cook & The Chronicles – Do It Again

Listen, we actively endorse weirdness. The stranger the vision and the more dissonant the sound, the higher likelihood it will be that it will cross our radar. We admire that kind of bravery. Also, we think experimentation is needed in order for popular music to grow and advance. 

Having said that, however, there’s also a distinct chance that you’ll catch us listening to Abba on off-days. You could say that pop stars like those simply catered to the public’s most basic needs. But isn’t that what most groups are supposed to do? And, isn’t it a problem when artists believe in themselves so much to the point of feeling above writing music that many people can enjoy. 

Paul Cook & The Chronicles sound like firm believers in the powers of pop music. Do It Again is a modern summer song built on a dream-pop production and sweet melodies. It’s the equivalent of the club that doesn’t turn people away but leaves the doors open, letting natural supply and demand do its thing. It could all end in a fire hazard, but the risk might be worthwhile. 

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