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Psych-O-Positive – Make Me Wanna (Review)

Psych-O-Positive - Make Me Wanna

I might be able to get away with lying to you. I could tell you this is a long-lost the Jesus and Mary Chain side-project recorded circa 1985.

It certainly captures the enthusiasm of the era and features some of the best traits of bands like the Velvet Underground, or the early Creation label bands.

But, no. As far as I can gather, Psych-O-Positive is a modern band.

Just like Metallica, they’ve taken the courageous step in naming their group after the genre they’re playing. But, leaving that aside, I’m smitten. Punk poetry, the Nuggets records, and, likely, some mild recreational items, come to create a very good single.

Give me a chance to assemble my modern Nuggets compilation, and I’ll start mine with this.

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