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Review of new old rock nuggets – July 2020

Jeremy Drury - Pour Another

If there’s a sound that refuses to disappear into the ether, it’s that of boogie-driven rock guitars, over a four to the floor beat. Not every song here fits exactly in this description, but we’re anxious to show these classic rockers some support.

the veras sevens and nines

The Veras – Sevens & Nines

It takes massive amounts of gusto to try and replicate the Small Faces and Steve Marriott for the 21st Century. The Veras may not lead the youthful masses into revolution, but they’re chipper, gleeful, and always good for a rocker. From the logo to the haircuts we like it, and we don’t care who knows it.

Jeremy Drury – Pour Another

Don’t look down on those with a penchant for writing and enjoying pub songs. Ye ole’ fashion pubs have been the cornerstone of rock’s survival over the years.

Jeremy Drury’s Pour another may be an ode to inebriation, but unlike the genre’s classic numbers, the protagonist sounds smashed and dejected before even reaching the bar’s entrance. Good song, nice songwriting.

Kevin Spaans – Water

Kevin Spaans is busy doing an impersonation act. He may be billed as an indie rock songwriter. But, make no mistake, this is the honest writing that informed the late 1960’s work of the great folk-rockers. Honesty as self-therapy!

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