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Review of Jordan Carr and Cosmic Crisis

Review of Jordan Carr and Cosmic Crisis alt77 review

Jordan Carr- No Ragrets

Jordan Carr’s no regrets could well be something out of a blue period for Neil Young or Bruce Springsteen. Quiet instrumentation, hushed, bruised vocals, and enough melancholy to bring a man who has just won the lottery to tears, are the ingredients added to the mix. 

There’s no disguising the truth on “No Ragrets“. Much like Tom Waits’ early creations, this tune and the time it echoes are filled with booze to the point of tipping over. This is a song about having a great time, realizing you’ve had a bit too much of a great time, and then deciding that the good times will just have to do. 

The production here is simple and stylish. The melodies are highly enjoyable, and Jordan Carr is a compelling figure. Plus, through it all, he’s retained the ability to write a zinger. 

Cosmic Crisis – A Blues of Mine

Cosmic Crisis is the kind of musical project that makes you want to hit the books. Sure, even a rough familiarity with rock music’s great eccentrics will help you tell that something special is going on “A Blues of Mine”. Just how to define it, takes a bit of work. 

Perhaps, that’s not even the point. Let’s run an inventory instead. The song opens with a bass splitting keys riff reminiscent of Fever Ray. Singer Faith then makes her entrance, abetted by a voice that does not sound to be of its time. Towering vocal harmonies and funky, jagged piano riffs add shape to the tune.  This seems to be a group of artists taking their craft seriously and taking their time in creating the music.

Cosmic Crisis reminds me of Jeff Buckley’s Grace. It’s music to be listened to in some form of solitary confinement. It’s the kind of tune whose beauty reveals itself slowly, on multiple listens.

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