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S.B. Olson- Mother, Father and the Holy Ghost (The Powers That Be)/ Where Did Your Love Go

S.B. Olson- Mother, Father and the Holy Ghost

Mother, Father and the Holy Ghost (The Powers That Be) sounds like what would happen if for “Show and tell” one of the children would bring their weird uncle to seranade the class about what S.B. Olson calls “the big, bad world“. Still, there’s beauty behind the Dylaneque drawl, campfire guitars, and gentle mellotron swells.

Where did your love go is a hipster call-up from the dark alleyways. And, just like any self-confessed poet, it’s the way the singer spits out the words, rather than the words themselves. It’s bittersweet, yet detached.

Pay special attention to the drum and guitar interplay. They don’t do anything particularly out of this world. But, just like the Velvet Underground on a great day, they know the power of a good sound repeated enough times.

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