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Modern shoegaze collective – new music reviews – August 2020

Raphael & the Sexy Boys - All I Wanna Say

Nebuleuse – Synesthesia

Nebuleuse is a Shoegaze / Dream Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Post Rock that likes to explore dense soundscapes through the medium of the electric guitar. Here’s our review of Synesthesia.

Aphantasia is the process of not being able to summon visual images (or imagination involving any of the other senses) regardless of effort or training. Synesthesia is the neurological process of getting more than one sense involved in your imagination. Many artists claim to possess this.

Does Nebuleuse have such a condition? The song certainly feels like something unraveling, but maybe it’s just the classy David Gilmour-like solos that form the core of the song.

Raphael & the Sexy Boys – All I Wanna Say

Raphael & the Sexy Boys make comedic Indie Rock, Alternative Rock. Raphael claims The Strokes and Spike Vincent as influences. Here is a review of his recent single.

Raphael & the Sexy Boys have all things going for them to be a fun, comedic indie rock group. By that, I mean that they have a funny name, and plenty of funny lyrics.

The production to this could use a bit of a polish, but it doesn’t matter. This is an anthem for men who think they’re better than they really are. A “I’m too Sexy” for the modern age if you will. What I say is find a producer for this and turn it into solid bricks of gold lads.

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