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DYI against OCD: Sleep Station and Lemon Shark reviewed

Sleep Station and Lemon Shark reviewed

Lemon Shark – Look at You, Look at Me

Before being embraced by the ad world, before it was inhabited by folks in pretty leather-jackets sporting perfect hair, indie-rock was one of the few places where the geeks, the nerds, and those seriously musically obsessed always came out on top. Lemon Shark, in many ways, sounds like a tour of what that type of indie-rock has been up to for the last 30 years, busy promoting the DYI spirit rather than sipping champagne with the streaming platforms’ CEOs.

Over a small, maniacal drum sound, Lemon Shark produces the kind of sound one would imagine coming from well-bred children hopped up on sugar and left without parental supervision. 

The song is a joy to hear, and just like any polite company, it does not overstay its welcome. For the time that it is there with you, Look at You, Look at Me comes supplied with honesty and more than a few melodic tricks to maintain your interest. Lemon Shark is a band worth checking out. 

Sleep Station – Will You Wait

Sometime along the way, once more and more pages began being written on the story alternative-country, the style began being talked about as a kind of rebel-rousing folk convention. Sure, stories soaked in booze, ambition, and regret abound in that world. However, what many seem to forget is just how well those artists could pen a tender, heartbreaking tune. 

Sleep Station seems to have been carved out of that microcosm. They know their verse from a chorus and are unlikely ever to get the two mixed up. They know the power of a good melody and that stretching it out, usually works in the artists’ favour. And, they know that real Indie-Folk enthusiasts usually possess the attention spans to follow them along. 

Will you wait is a gentle Americana number that doses its punches well. There’s a memorable hook to the song, and the attire that covers it is elegant. It’s the sort of tune that, if you’re a songwriter, you’ll want to forget for fears of doing a George Harrison on it and having to get on a Zoom conference with your lawyers. 

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