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Fresh blood: Sniff and CjayQ review

Sniff and CjayQ review

CjayQ – Misguided

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

CjayQ borrows some great, old tricks, and adds his personal twist to them on the new single Misguided

There’s no point in starting a debate over whether music used to be better than it was today. The ones celebrating retro sounds and imagery will always win out. It’s only natural. Society programs us to celebrate the things that have already happened, to worship what has passed and can’t happen again. 

For most people, art is best appreciated in hindsight. From The Beatles to The Sex Pistols to the Arctic Monkeys, great, new art trends were rarely received with the amount of praise that they seem entitled to now. (Unless you count NME calling Arctic Monkeys’ debut one of the greatest albums of all time before it was even properly released). 

We always need new sounds and a new perspective. But, don’t be surprised that this is built on the greatest tricks with which the past has equipped us. CjayQ knows this and turns beautiful Beatlesque melodies and lazy indie-rock backing into an exercise into personal expression on the single Misguided. CjayQ seems to have spent a long time listening to the past in order to craft a language that is just right for the present. 

Sniff – Queer

Genre: 90s Rock, Lo-fi Rock

Sniff wants one of two things. Either make you a fan or turn you into an enemy. 

Books about art are meant to be intimidating. They feature a lot of text about the manifestos of the various art groups that used to meet in smokey, sweaty cafes where people smoke unfiltered cigarettes. These books explain their deeds in words that, hell, I’m not clever enough to understand. 

Besides, all of them have fancy names. Situationist International. Fluxus. Neo-Dada. The Cobra Group. All the people involved are, supposedly, comedic geniuses introducing humor to the art world. However, all of them seem dead serious and rather confused about their intentions. 

In the modern world, we call those people trolls. Think of sniff as a troll, or as an indie-rock neo-dadaist. No sweat off my back! The latest single from Sniff sounds like someone trying to destroy a song by The Vaccines. Someone looking to make you hate indie-rock-disco bands. It’s equally catchy, clever, and annoying. It’s great, and hard not to get a sniff, pun intended, of the original punks. Who the hell says you have to like music for it to matter?

CjayQ - Misguided


Sniff - Queer




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