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World is not enough: Sound Furies and Tired Cossack review

Sound Furies and Tired Cossack review

Tired Cossack – Wasted

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Indie Rock

Tired Cossack embraces the lull of perpetual anxiety on the single Wasted.

Rock can’t swing the way it did in its earliest days. It’s not as some would have you believe. Rock music hasn’t simply become an ancient, decrepit figure unable to shake its bones convincingly. 

Rather, the world has changed around it. Too few things move to a beat that would suggest dancing wildly. Rock has adapted to all the blips and blops of the modern age. It’s become urban, stable, and largely desensitized from the simple pleasures in which it once dabbled. 

And, so, Tired Cossack embraces the jitters like an employee making it to work after a few too many cups of early coffee. Wasted feels like an anthem to all the glory of the modern world and to the inevitable dissatisfaction. The vocals and clever lyrics recall modern indie-rock’s finest. Tired Cossack makes music for those that have seen and heard too much to be able to still be naive. 

Sound Furies – Nige

Genre: Slowcore, Shoegaze, Dream Pop

The Western world is spiritually bankrupt, of course, and in love at mocking this fact. Most of every other place in the world work by some sort of adherence to spiritual practices. 

It couldn’t work any other way. Right or wrong, these have remained tied to the way regular people lead their lives. Chop it down and you destroy a support system that for some has existed for centuries. 

The Western world, in contrast, has acquired a near-universal gallows sense of humour. It’s embraced so tightly and often that it often is treated as a substitute for actual plans, hopes, and dreams. Laughter makes some things appear to be better than they really are. 

Sound Furies sound like they share little with the world in which they physically find themselves. The duo aim their compass towards the spiritual and the mysterious without any notion of what they’re likely to find. Niger is both an exploration and a possible destination. Sound Furies create shoegaze, dream-pop sound of longing.

Tired Cossack - Wasted


Sound Furies - Nige




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