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Brave and vulnerable: Spork Bogart and Kylie V reviewed

Spork Bogart and Kylie V reviewed

Kylie V – Solace

What exactly were you doing at your most vulnerable? While common wisdom dictates this to be the best time for digging into those feelings and turning them into immortal art, chances are that you were overeating, binging on television shows, and getting far less sleep than you should have been. 

Melancholy is only ever-charming in the hands of great artists that are able to transform their lives’ shortcomings into something worth remembering. Takes a whole lot of discipline and dedication to truly utilize the drama’s of own’s own life for the purpose of making art. 

This is just what Kylie V. sounds to have managed on the track Solace. An indie-folk confession featuring intimate vocals and large-scale production, the track is crafted to draw you in, cry on your shoulder and make you a long-term ally. 

Spork Bogart – Apollo

There are some writers that make you, the fan, want to write them back, get to know them, invite them out for a beer, and, should they accept, pick their brain. Great writers instantly make you feel, through their works, like they’re you’re best friends. 

There are some great writers that, no matter how much you appreciate them, you wouldn’t particularly want them near you. In the event that they write you back or invite you out for a beer, you might be put in the strange situation of having to come up with an excuse. 

Spork Bogart makes me feel that way. Now, of course, I’m jumping to conclusions, but this is, really, what the single is supposed to make you do. Apollo is a lovely, old-timey piece of Americana. Clever and unsettling, it’s worth a moment of your attention, but not an invitation to Sunday dinner. 

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