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Best regards: Lazy Queen and Meija reviewed

Meija – Pull Me To Pieces Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Indie Rock If modern music has been able to do anything of significance, it is to shine a light on people’s regular joys and pains and make them appear sublime. One of the worst feelings for a regular person is to…
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Nasty: LJ & The Sleeze and Buddy Wynkoop reviewed

Buddy Wynkoop – Serotonin Genre: Garage Rock, Alternative Rock Similar artists: Devo, Talking Heads, Squid Rock music is under collective ownership. We’re all responsible for it, some amount or another. It’s just that we all have very different ideas about…
Alt Reviews

Pop marks: Holly and Jaws The Shark reviewed

Jaws The Shark – Destroy the World (feat. Dinosaur Pile-Up) Genre: Alternative Rock The alternative rock that finally made its way onto the charts was very loud and very easy on the ears. Even Kurt Cobain admitted as much when he called Nirvana an unholy union…

Refuge: Count Pariah and 18 Fevers review

18 Fevers – Danse Macabre Genre: Punk, Post-Punk, Alternative Rock Sex and death are two topics often covered in rock music, and most often together. They both possess a similar sort of allure, especially to young people, the core target audience of this type of…