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Old, blue soul: Robert Connely Farr and T.Barber review

T.Barber – I’m So Tired Of Being Lonely Similar artists: Kurt Vile, Kevin Morby, Jeff Lynne, Wilco, Cotton Jones Genre: Alt-Country, Indie Rock, Indie Pop We, would-be modern producers, are absolutely spoiled. Older musicians like to make fun of kids making…
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Around the sun: JonoJono and The Deltaz reviewed

The Deltaz – Turn It Back Americana, Classic Rock, Garage Rock Old folks than to school youngsters on the fact that there’s nothing really new under the Sun. Someone else has dreamed it, heard it, or said it before you. This can be a traumatic realization…
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Always the blues: J.D. Simo and Ben Zaidi reviewed

Ben Zaidi – Ben Zaidi’s Blues Genre: Indie Rock I often find it hard to choose whether I hate modern folk music more than I hate alternative rock. This is a problem to admit out loud, seeing as though I can only play those styles of music, and work for a…
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That ancient fire: HAWKER and Brother thunder reviewed

Brother Thunder – Into the Fire Genre: Retro Soul, Indie Rock Punk-rock levelled the playing field and, at least in theory, made modern pop music the most democratic modern art form. It did so through skill, as well gentle manipulation. The punk-rockers presented…