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Our mother the mountain: The Breaks Inc. and The Glass Pavilion

The Breaks Inc. and The Glass Pavilion

The Glass Pavilion – Open to the Sky

Genre: Shoegaze, Psychedelic Rock, Post Rock

Similar artists: Slowdive, Sigur Ros, Mogwai

If you haven’t got any mountains near you through which you can merrily stroll, The Glass Pavilion’s Open to the Sky may provide the illusion. 

Instrumental music is always difficult to define. I mean, sure, there are numerous genres where the words are rendered incomprehensible by the singers’ screaming. But, even grunting is an indication of the meaning and intention. 

If I was to venture towards making a supposition, I’d say that The Glass Pavilion makes soundtrack music to not-yet-existent, self-made nature channel documentaries. 

It’s for people who like walking through the mountains and staring into a telescope in the hope to watch whales. I don’t mean to make them sound like wet blankets. These sorts of people sound like excellent dinner guests. 

Just like on a long hike, you have to be committed in order to understand The Glass Pavilion. Open to the Sky features beautifully layered chord progressions and lovely, subtle guitar work. Our mother the mountain!

The Breaks Inc. – Pinocchio

Genre: Power Pop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Similar artists: The Good Rats, Harry Nilsson, ELO

The Breaks Inc. bring old-fashioned, pretty melodies into a new year with their single Pinocchio.

Beautiful melodies are the closest route to a listener’s heart. They also seem to be the thing with which most songwriters struggle. Crafting innovative, pleasant, hummable melodies is something that only a chosen few seem to get right most of the time. 

And, because the few that have this gift seem to be able to provide great lines at will, they often tend to overlook their gift. From Jeff Lynne to Paul McCartney, the rockstars with the greatest sets of ears, have had a habit of squandering their assets on numerous frivolous musical pursuits. 

The Breaks Inc. look to hit where it hurts with Pinocchio. This is in equal parts a charming rock single, and a drunken, late-night jam about, you know, ehm… a puppet wishing to be a real boy. It’s reminiscent of the late 60s approach in which any idea deemed good enough could be developed into a potential single. The Breaks Inc. make light psychedelia that flows like a morning children’s cartoon.

The Glass Pavilion - Open to the Sky


The Breaks Inc. - Pinocchio




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