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Tiger Made of Lightning – exhausted (Review)

Tiger Made of Lightning - exhausted

The debut single from A Tiger Made of Lightning is rooted in the sound and themes associated with the much-maligned style once dubbed by the press as “emo”. Yet, moving beyond the obvious stereotypes, it’s a style has certainly created more than a handful of memorable acts whose music has endured through the years. 

As for “exhausted”, the potential charm of it lies, especially, in the vocal delivery and the lyrics. Of course, it’s a song about frustration and mental collapse, but one delivered with considerable honesty. 

Musically the tune is put together rightly with simple melodic guitar lines, palm-muted power chords, and a loud-soft dynamics complimenting the songwriting. Taken for what it is, “exhausted” is a nice emo-rocker where the work put in is clearly on display.  

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