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Tool announce new album title. Is this part of the band’s history of trolling fans?

Tool, alternative metal band, announces release of new album, Fear Inoculum

Tool have taken to social media to announce the title of their long anticipated new album. Yes, a new album looks to be on the way. The band’s new release, Fear Inoculum, comes out on August 30th 2019. The band’s numerous fans are naturally enthusiastic especially given their long wait for a new release. But, is this a case of James Maynard Keenan and the band playing a trick on their fanbase? Here’s a brief history of Tool’s famous public trolling.

Trolling the fans about new music

Tool’s fans are notoriously fussy about their favorite band. While their dedication is obvious and understandable, the group’s insistence of laboring on music for numerous years has tested their supporters’ patience.

As for the group, they’ve humorously embraced the lofty expectations. Most recently, Tool played an April Fools prank on their fans by claiming they were set to release new music soundbites on to their twitter account. What those that played the clip got instead were cricket noises.

It’s not the first time that Tool’s sharp humor has left their fanbase confused. Back in the late 1990’s Tool faked a car accident, claiming the band members were hospitalized. In another incident, James Maynard announced that the band had found religion and were due to quit music. They even found a moment to mock the host of youtube videos claiming to be leaked new Tool music.


What kind of band is Tool? The kind of band whose complex musical direction ensures them a rabid fan following. Tool is also the kind of group that have humorously played with their popularity ever since their debut.

In their early days, the group would go on record with the press about being inspired by the philosophy of lachrymology. Singer Maynard Keenan went so far as to claim that an ancient text on the benefits of lachrymology stood at the basis of the band’s name and its message.

Although the story was highly publicized, especially at a time when urban myths abounded about black metal bands having supposedly formed their own religious cults, there’s no evidence
lachrymology ever existed.

Ridiculing rock cliches in their live shows

Tool’s lineup is clearly composed of excellent musicians. Their use of occult and spiritual themes throughout their music has furthered their fanbase, making some of the fans more eager to seek out hidden meanings through their music.

However, Tool is also a band that enjoys making fun of all the attention that they receive. Maynard Keenan especially is known to ridicule classic live shows, integrating odd costumes, attempting to joke with the crowd and, on one occasion, at least, wrestling an overly enthusiastic fan to the ground.

Is a new Tool album, the first since 2006’s 10000 Days, on the way and will it be titled Fear Inoculum ? While things are rarely certain with these alternative metal juggernauts, we are bound to get a confirmation of the news soon enough.

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