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Brace yourself for impact: Torch the Hive and FOLSOM release new rock singles

Torch the Hive FOLSOM release new rock singles


FOLSOM presents its mission in the simplest of terms. They are trying to make stoner rock sound funky. It’s a worthwhile mission for sure, and one they inject with plenty of their own quirks and ideas. The foundation for the single Free, however, is pure groove-oriented stoner of the variety that Clutch might feel inclined to play. 

Clutch themselves are not exactly a straightforward unit either, sometimes sounding downright esoteric, sometimes simply having a laugh. It may seem like a difficult mixture for fans to embrace, but as it worked for the Maryland band, it could also likely work for FOLSOM. 

The intro of Free is a mood-setting jam of pinched harmonics, while the rest of the song is dominated by chunky riffs and groovy, heavy vocals. There are moments when the level of aggression in the vocals treads the limit between nu-metal and stoner, and the singer sounds a tad like someone demanding your wallet in a park at night. But, that aside, FOLSOM does manage to create a nice slab of groovy-metal. 

Torch the Hive – Copaganda

Torch the Hive sounds like a man with severe anger issues. It’s a spectacle we like to view both in real life, as in the world of music. In fact, frankly speaking, if there’s one thing that is truly missing from the world of rock is the anger. Instead, we are left with a watered-down, theatrical menace that doesn’t quite hit the same sweet spot. 

Copaganda is, far as I can gather, a protest song against police. There have been many of those this season and for good reason. But, frankly few have benefitted from vocals as passionate as the one found on this tune. 

While there’s a strong melodic element to Torch the Hive, this is, clearly, a band who shares many influences with the great political hardcore bands of old. The end of the song features a shouting match between the vocals and the rest of the instruments that would make the Refused pay notice, while the ending of the video, indeed, is the kind of thing that would make the Refused proud. 

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